New Digital Application Notes
New Digital Application Notes

Featured Application: Peptide Multi-Attribute Monitoring

Discover Your Protein's Attributes and Make Decisions Faster

Peptide MAM Monitor Quality Attributes and New Peak Detection

Watch the Complete Peptide MAM Workflow

Lucy Fernandes, Waters Senior Applications Chemist, takes you through the workflow for Peptide MAM using the BioAccord System and waters_connect HUB. She shares results from an experiment that monitors six attributes in a NIST tryptic digest.


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BioAccord Peptide MAM Infographic

Easily Recognize Attributes that Exceed Specified Limits

Targeted Science

Modular apps are designed to address specific scientific questions while making the experience simple and easy.

Make Decisions Faster

Accelerates the time to results and focuses on answering specific scientific questions so you can make decisions.

Intuitive Reporting

Flexible report structures that reduce the time spent manually reconstructing data in desktop tools.

Peptide Mapping/MAM Application Data

BioAccord PeptideMAM Illustration

Application Notes:

Routine Peptide Mapping Analysis using the BioAccord System

Establishing an Integrated Peptide Attribute Profiling and Monitoring Workflow  for Improved Productivity and Confidence

A Streamlined Compliant Ready Workflow for Peptide-Based Multi-Attribute Method  (MAM)

Biotherapeutic Peptide Mass Confirmation and Impurity Profiling on a SmartMS  Enabled BioAccord LC-MS System

Stream the Multi-Attribute Method Overview Demo Series:

Multi-Attribute Method Overview | Part 1 of 5

Hear from Lucy Fernandes, Waters Senior Applications Chemist, as she provides a quick overview of the Peptide MAM app as part of the waters_connect platform.

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BioAccord Application Workflows

Application-Focused Workflows

The BioAccord LC-MS System comes installed with optimized biopharmaceutical workflows for:

  • Intact Mass Analysis of Proteins & Oligonucleotides
  • Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) Subunit Analysis
  • Released N-Glycan Analysis
  • Peptide Mapping/MAM Analysis

Each workflow provides for compliance-ready data acquisition, processing and reporting with optimized default settings, automated data processing and reporting capabilities, and full audit trail capabilities.


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Intact Mass Analysis

Unifi intact mass analysis workflow

Application Notes:

A Platform Method for the Molecular Mass Analysis of the Light Chains and Heavy  Chains of Monoclonal Antibodies using the BioAccord System

Analysis of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) by Native Mass Spectrometry on the  BioAccord System

Enabling Routine and Reproducible Intact Mass Analysis When Data Integrity  Matters

Intact Mass Confirmation Analysis on the BioAccord LC-MS System for a Variety  of Extensively Modified Oligonucleotides

Analysis of Antibody siRNA Conjugate Using BioAccord System


Glycan Analysis

Empower glycan analysis workflow

Application Notes:

Released N-linked Glycan Analysis Using the BioAccord System

Increasing Productivity and Confidence for N-linked Glycan Analysis of  Biosimilars Using the BioAccord System

Improving UPLC-FLR-MS N-glycan Analysis of Disulfide-rich Fusion Proteins  Through Optimization of Sample Preparation 

Application-Focused Installation Kits

BioAccord Recommended Consumable Products Cover

See which consumables are included in application-focused installation kits that support common workflows in the BioAccord integrated LC-MS solution.


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