New Digital Application Notes
New Digital Application Notes

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BioAccord Brochure Cover Sized

BioAccord Brochure

See how BioAccord simplifies high performance LC-MS performance and puts decision-making power in the hands of every user. 

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BioAccord System Capabilities

System Capabilities

Learn specifically what the BioAccord system hardware and software can do to provide consistent, high-quality results day in, and day out.

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BioAccord Recommended Consumable Products Cover

Installation Kits

See which consumables are included in application-focused installation kits that support common workflows in the BioAccord integrated LC-MS solution.

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Welcome to BioAccord Webinar Cover

Welcome to BioAccord Webinar Series

Watch the webinar series to learn about:

  • Application workflows for profiling and monitoring product quality attributes
  • An easy-to-use workflow developed on the compact and integrated BioAccord System that can be efficiently deployed across the organization
  • A high throughput, low artifact subunit mass based Multi Attribute Monitoring workflow

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WeBAF 2020 Banner

Waters electronic Biopharma Analysis Forum (WeBAF)

Hear about topics such as oligonucleotide analysis, streamlining workflows, implementation of CQA monitoring, Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) and going from advanced characterization to routine monitoring.

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Quick Look Webcast Series Cover Sized

BioAccord A Quick Look Webcast Series

  • How We Help Ensure that PCR Diagnostics Work for Virus Detection​
  • Vaccines and glycosylation
  • How we help to ensure the quality of COVID 19 therapeutic antibodies
  • How Laboratory Automation is Streamlining Biotechnology's Response to COVID-19

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Attribute Monitoring Workflows Infographic Cover

Attribute Monitoring Workflows

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Infographic - Achieving Smarter Biopharma Analysis with the BioAccord System Cover Sized

Achieving Smarter Biopharma Analysis with the BioAccord System

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Infographic - Workflow Solutions for Released N-glycan Profiling Cover

Workflow Solutions for Released N-glycan Profiling

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Infographic - IonHance CX-MS pH Concentrates A and B Cover

IonHance CX-MS pH Concentrates A and B

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Case Studies

Case Study - The Making of a Modern Biopharmaceutical Cover

The Making of a Modern Biopharmaceutical

This white paper describes Waters' vision on future trends in the biopharmaceutical industry including multi attribute monitoring (MAM), biophysical analysis as a complement to analytical characterization, and the rise of mass detection as a foundational technology.

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Case Study - Voice of Customer - BioAccord Kagoshima Cover

Voice of Customer - BioAccord Kagoshima

In this voice of customer the BioAccord System is introduced into a University laboratory for the analysis of antibodies with enhanced functionalities.

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Description Year
Expanding Access to Multi-Attribute Method (MAM) With a Fit-for-Purpose  Informatics Workflow Implemented on a Smart MS Enabled LC-MS Platform
Format:  PDF   |   File Size:  906.6 kB   |   Content Subtype:  Other Symposium
Linking Biochemical and Biophysical Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) Data in  Assessing Drug-to-Antibody Ratio (DAR)
Format:  PDF   |   File Size:  1155.7 kB   |   Content Subtype:  ASMS
A Workflow-Driven Platform Solution for Mam-Based Critical Quality Attribute  Monitoring of Biotherapeutics In Process Development and QC
Format:  PDF   |   File Size:  1948.43 kB   |   Content Subtype:  ASMS
Complete Automated Workflow for Comparing The N-Glycan Pro-File of Innovator  and Bio-Similar Infliximab Samples
Format:  PDF   |   File Size:  1198.6 kB   |   Content Subtype:  Other Symposium
Compliant-Ready Workflow for Mass Confirmation of Oligonucleotides and Related  Impurities
Format:  PDF   |   File Size:  1486.05 kB   |   Content Subtype:  ASMS
Improving Confidence and Productivity for N-Linked Glycan Analysis In  Biotherapeutics Development Using An Integrated UPLC-FLR-HRMS System
Format:  PDF   |   File Size:  1674.09 kB   |   Content Subtype:  ASMS
Meeting the Challenges of Implementing Accurate-Mass Mass Spectrometry for  Biotherapeutic Development in Regulated/non-Regulated Environments
Format:  PDF   |   File Size:  588.55 kB   |   Content Subtype:  Pittcon
Online IEX-MS Characterization and Monitoring of mAb Charge Heterogeneity Using  An Optimized Cation Exchange Resin and Compact TOF Mass Spectrometer
Format:  PDF   |   File Size:  1069.02 kB   |   Content Subtype:  ASMS
Rapid, Sensitive, and Routine Intact mAb Quantification using a Compact Tof  HRMS Platform
Format:  PDF   |   File Size:  407.72 kB   |   Content Subtype:  ASMS
SmartMS-Enabled LC-MS system for Biotherapeutic Development in  Regulated/Non-Regulated Environments
Format:  PDF   |   File Size:  2528.48 kB   |   Content Subtype:  Other Symposium
Strong Cation Exchange Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled to UV  and MS Detectors Allows Robust and Reproducible Characterization of mAb and ADC  Charge Variants
Format:  PDF   |   File Size:  620.61 kB   |   Content Subtype:  Other Symposium
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