New Digital Application Notes
New Digital Application Notes

Engineered Simplicity

The BioAccord LC-MS System is the first SmartMSTM-enabled biopharmaceutical solution. This compact, self-optimizing system has a built-in health check that ensures the system is always generating data of the required quality.

The simplicity provided by SmartMS means that the BioAccord generates the same high-quality results whether you are an LC-MS expert or a new user.


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Purpose-Built For Your BioPharma Applications

While fully capable for many LC-MS applications, BioAccord is optimized for common biopharma workflows.

BioAccord Application Workflows

Application-Focused Workflows

Whether your work involves analyzing biomolecules at the intact, subunit, peptide, or released glycan level, the BioAccord System comes with optimized compliance-ready workflows so you can get up and running right away. These include:

  • Intact mass analysis of proteins and oligonucleotides
  • Subunit analysis of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)
  • Peptide mapping/MAM (Multi-Attribute Method)
  • Released N-glycan analysis

Optimized workflows for released glycan analysis include our RapiFluor-MS label, which offers unparalleled fluorescense and MS sensitivity for accurate glycan profiling.


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Compliance-Ready and Optimized Workflows

BioAccord makes challenging analyses routine without compromising quality or compliance.

BioAccord Intact Protein Analysis Example Dark Border-1

Intact Mass Analysis

BioAccord provides a platform solution for routine and reproducible mass analysis of Proteins/monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs), and Oligonucleotides.

Waters BioAccord Workflow Overview Illustration

Peptide Mapping

BioAccord simplifies routine peptide mapping analysis with integrated analytical workflows purposefully designed to simplify instrument operation, data analysis, and achieve meaningful results.

BioAccord RapiFluor-MS Glycan Profiling-1

Glycan Analysis

BioAccord and RapiFluor-MS technology enables unprecedented fluorescent and mass spectrometric performance for glycan detection while also improving the throughput of N-glycan sample preparation.

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Consistently Turning Samples Into Reliable Results

BioAccord delivers quality and reliability in a QC-friendly package with the reproducibility your industry requires.

Robust and Reproducible

Robust and Reproducible

Rigorous validation of the complete solution has been implemented during the development and manufacture of the system with extended testing across multiple systems. The tests comprise complete biopharmaceutical methods, from sample to reported result, with application-relevant acceptance criteria that meet biopharmaceutical industry standards.

The BioAccord LC-MS System is operating in academic, biopharmaceutical and contract laboratories worldwide, generating consistent and reproducible results every day.

Data Quality

Customer feedback highlighted the need for a small, simple LC-MS system that generates the highest possible data quality.

The BioAccord was developed to meet these requirements, while also delivering the chromatographic resolution, mass resolution, sensitivity, mass accuracy and linearity to meet the needs for a wide range of routine biopharmaceutical analyses.

Chromatogram shows total ion chromatograms (TICs) overlay from 18 injections of the Waters mAb Tryptic Digest Standard (NISTmAb tryptic digest) offers reproducible chromatographic separation for peptides using shallow gradient method.

Data Quality


Although the system can be used easily in research and early development environments, it has all the tools for adoption by the demanding regulatory environments of late development and QC.

Waters has provided LC and MS solutions for regulated laboratories for many years. Building on this expertise, the BioAccord is the first truly compliance-ready LC-MS system.

With a complete audit trail, configurable access controls and the protection of an Oracle database this system has everything you need to ensure data integrity and meet 21 CFR part 11 and Annex 11 requirements.

The waters_connect informatics platform that automates data acquisition, processing and reporting benefits from decades of industry leadership in developing compliance-ready informatics with Empower and UNIFI.

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Integrated LC-MS Essentials

The complete BioAccord solution consists of carefully selected and paired standards, reagents, columns and software routines.

BioAccord System Sized


The BioAccord System empowers users of all abilities to run routine biopharmaceutical analyses so your scientists can focus on research and discovery.

BioResolve SCX mAb Consumables


Standards, reagents, and columns specific to your application are included to ensure confidence and high-quality results.

Waters Connect Software Sized


The waters_connect informatics platform automates data acquisition, processing and reporting benefits from decades of industry leadership in developing compliance-ready informatics.

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Data by Application Area

Intact Analysis Application Notes

A Platform Method for the Molecular Mass Analysis of the Light Chains and Heavy  Chains of Monoclonal Antibodies using the BioAccord System

Analysis of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) by Native Mass Spectrometry on the  BioAccord System

Enabling Routine and Reproducible Intact Mass Analysis When Data Integrity  Matters

Intact Mass Confirmation Analysis on the BioAccord LC-MS System for a Variety  of Extensively Modified Oligonucleotides

Analysis of Antibody siRNA Conjugate Using BioAccord System

mAb Subunit Analysis Application Notes

Online IEX-MS of mAb Charge Variants Using a BioResolve SCX mAb Column,  IonHance CX-MS pH Concentrates, and BioAccord System

Establishment of a Robust mAb Subunit Product Quality Attribute Monitoring  Method Suitable for Development, Process Monitoring, and QC Release

Released N-Glycan Analysis Application Notes

Released N-linked Glycan Analysis Using the BioAccord System

Increasing Productivity and Confidence for N-linked Glycan Analysis of  Biosimilars Using the BioAccord System

Improving UPLC-FLR-MS N-glycan Analysis of Disulfide-rich Fusion Proteins  Through Optimization of Sample Preparation 

Peptide Mapping/MAM Application Notes

Routine Peptide Mapping Analysis using the BioAccord System

Establishing an Integrated Peptide Attribute Profiling and Monitoring Workflow  for Improved Productivity and Confidence

A Streamlined Compliant Ready Workflow for Peptide-Based Multi-Attribute Method  (MAM)

Biotherapeutic Peptide Mass Confirmation and Impurity Profiling on a SmartMS  Enabled BioAccord LC-MS System


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4.9/5 Stars | 9 Reviews


Best New Drug Discovery & Development Product 

BioAccord was nominated and voted for by scientists across the globe as the best New Drug Discovery & Development Product of 2020.


This is a must-have for any lab. It streamlined department testing. Sample turn around time has decreased substantially. Great product! 


Extremely robust and easy to use, the BioAccord provides a reliable platform for routine analysis of biopharmaceuticals, whilst at the same time ensuring data integrity and providing seamless automated workflows to maximize throughput. 


The equipment greatly enhanced my department's ability to analyze samples and increased throughput.


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